The Photography ..


Photography Session .. Yeahh .. I really love this session ..
In this session you can express yourself, whatever you like, whatever you do with your couple ..
So many couple and photographer do the best for this session, its because with this session you can keep your memories while your Wedding day come close to, inside the paper / book .. then we call it “Pre Wedding Photo / Wedding Book” ..

and of course photography not only for wedding too, sometimes can be useful for others occasion / event too such as B’day party on the beach, restoraunt, club, garden, etc .. Graduation, Holiday with family or friends, and many others occasion / event ..



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Le Meredien Chennai .. That the beautiful place name for spend ur weekend or honeymoon day at that place ..

One of amazing and awesome island / hotel in this world .. The location of that place is at Asia – India ..

First time, when i know and see it from my email, am just can said .. “Wow .. Oh Goshh .. What an amazing place in this world, that so awesome and cool place .. I hope someday i can go there with my couple or friends …”

One of the best place with a romantic view and decoration for their customers that you can never forget it .. Such as Unforgettable moment because Le Meridien Chennai is Beyond your Imagination and your Expectation ..

Now, am tried to find more information about that place, such as am searching that information on Google search engine and others ..

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One of beautiful  island / place for Honeymoon / holiday too is Sikuai Island at Padang .. Some people said, it was the beautiful island after Bali Island ( Recomended I think ) ..

Same as Umang Island, Sikuai Island have a great and romantic view for the couple, with a modern and luxurius wooden materials and of course white sandy beach too ..

Now i want tell you, how can we go there place from Jakarta, a city that never sleeps and filled with noise and traffic wherever u go that can make you stress sometimes ..

No matter what, if you from Batam to Padang, Jakarta to Padang or Medan to Padang, You must go to the Padang city first, and you can ride the ship / Speed Boat who can carry you to Sikuai Island, and after that you can go to the Office of marketer in Sikuai Island for other Information Promotions ..

That was a lil bit how we can go to Sikuai Island for your Honeymoon or other holidays on your weekend ..

Hope you enjoy it .. and have a nice trip ..



Yeah .. This time you can say Horayyy ..
Why ?! Because after you had a really tired hectic day .. Now you can spend your next special day in this moment .. yeah you can call it ” A Honeymoon day ” in a romantic place too .. And the best one is “Umang island” ..

Umang Island is the best one because the located of this island is far away from the bustling of the city ..
The Luxurious Island with the finest wooden materials and white sandy beach overlooking the crystal clear sea water close to the beauty of nature ..

Umang Island has a lot activity / water sport too, such as Banana Boat, Diving, Snorkling, and many more ..

The amazing Umang Island, one of the beautiful and romantic Island can create your imagination in reality because Umang Island is beyond your imagination and expectation ..


chapel big

The Church, the one important place, where the couple said their promise or engagement to be faithful each other and together with ..

The best one Church for Wedding Receptions is “The Chapels, Bali” ..

The Chapels, Bali has an unique, chic and minimal designed with the beautiful view like the sunset, the sea, the atmosphere, and the cloud such you are in a dream world ..

The Couple, who get married in this Church / Chapels, they will had an unforgettable moment in their life ..


The Wedding ..


Wedding is all about Partnership, Understanding, Caring, Supporting, Sharing, Love, Faithful, Trustworthy, Journey and etc ..

All about the man and women, who throw away their ego into life for their harmony and happily life ..

Some people said, ” Wedding is one of the memorable and unforgettable moment ” …

So, The Wedding is all ’bout the two heart are blended into one, sharing and happiness …

and we have to treasure it with all of our life …

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